Minimizing ReactOS

This page is a collection of patches I've created for ReactOS to help you shrink and optimize it. My primary use case for these is to create an extremely lightweight version of ReactOS for V86, but all of my patches will be here for download.

Base ReactOS revision I'm using for testing / comparisons is 0.4.15 dev commit c14c9ca

Theming and Customization


Disabling unneeded services can free up some RAM and resources. These ones are pretty safe to disable, but there may be a rare instance where a program may try to interact with them and then fail. Skip compiling these to save extra space, as well. (around 1.5MB)


There is the potential to shrink the ReactOS image a lot here by skipping drivers you don't need for your installation.


Who prints anyways?



You can patch ReactOS to not ship with all of it's software to save disk space.