Authors’ Final Review (AUTH48)

AUTH48 is the last chance to make changes to an RFC-to-be. Once the document is published as an RFC, we will not make changes. The general instructions for completing AUTH48 are below; they are similar to what you will receive via email when your document enters AUTH48 state. If your document is in AUTH48 state, we recommend referring to the email you received.

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  1. Review the edited document completely. The files are available here:

    where XXXX is the number assigned to your RFC-to-be.

    We recommend reviewing the entire document, not just the diff file. FYI, provides tools to make various kinds of diff files.

  2. Review and resolve (as necessary) any questions raised by the RFC Editor. The questions (if any) have been included in the XML file as comments marked <!–– [rfced] … ––> and will be sent in a subsequent email. Retrieve the edited XML file here:

    Note that you may need to view the page source to save the file.

  3. Send us your changes or respond with your approval for publication. Please use ‘REPLY ALL’ so that the RFC Editor and the parties CC’ed on the message receive your response. Note that your document will not move forward until we have received approvals from each of the authors listed on the front page. Note that, because you are listed in the document header, you are responsible for reviewing and approving the RFC-to-be for publication. As part of that, you are also responsible for engaging other parties (e.g., Contributors or Working Group) as necessary before providing your approval. If sending changes, please do one of the following:
      a. Update the provided XML file, then email us the revised XML file. You may use any filename for the revised file; we will rename it before posting it.
      — OR —
      b. Provide us with an explicit list of changes in this format.

    Section # (or indicate Global)

    old text

    new text

    Be sure to pay particular attention to these areas of the document:

    • IANA Considerations updates (if applicable)
    • Contact information
    • Copyright notice and legends (see item 5 for more details)
    • v3 XML tagging (e.g., has the <sourcecode> type been set correctly)
  4. Review changes submitted by your coauthors (if any). We assume that you will speak up if you do not agree with the proposed changes. That is, your silence is your assent to changes submitted by your coauthors. Note that any changes that are beyond editorial will be sent to the relevant body for approval.
  5. Review the copyright notice and legends as defined in RFC 5378 and the Trust Legal Provisions (TLP – If your document was approved for publication with a pre-RFC-5378 copyright notice, we have applied the text from section 6.c.iii of the TLP. Please consider whether this text is required (note that the 6.c.iii text is not applicable to Alternate Stream RFCs). See item 4.5 of the “Copyright FAQ” at for guidance on whether this text applies to your document.
  6. Please reply, as the document will not be published until we receive approvals from each author. The details of the AUTH48 status of your document are here:

    If your document is part of a cluster, you can track the progress of the cluster here:

    (where YYY is the cluster identifier)